Northern Haunts are four friends who have played together in different forms in the past, and have banded with no preconceptions of what should or shouldn't be. A band from common places, telling stories of familiar faces. Calling Wisconsin home, Northern Haunts crafts music from a unique blend of styles that allow them to be fluid in songwriting and performance. Hints of their former lives in the bands Those Royals, Union Pulse, Suite 13, and El Oso testify to their diversity, while the overtones this new alliance rings strong. 

A Year in the Life of Northern Haunts 

It's been some time since we've made contact, but we've been making use of the time writing new songs, playing fun shows, and preparing for this year!

This marks an exciting time... starting in April we will be releasing a new single every month, leading up to the release of our first full length later this year. We will be celebrating our first release with our friends Immortal Girlfriend and Bandoleer Bacall, April 13th at Pabst Brewery and Taproom. We can't wait!

The Hill 

The Hill is a product of a late night when we hit record, had a bit too much whiskey, and things started happening. Every note, word, and rhythm is improvisation. “Mistakes” were made, inputs went red, but in the end, it is just a moment captured in time.

New Shows, Songs, and More 

With two shows already in the books, Northern Haunts is hitting the ground running in 2018, and we are just getting started! Stay tuned for new songs, show announcements, and more. 

It's Spring Again 

Hey everyone! Those of you who know us best know that winter was a little rough for Northern Haunts, but with spring upon us we are born anew!

Okay, enough of that sappy stuff.... we finally finished our first single, which you can download for free in our music section! We also have some shows on the way, and our very own Tad will be performing as a guest drummer at Summerfest, so stay tuned for more news!

Summer 2015 

It's been a fun summer so far. Thanks to everyone who have made our shows more than we could have asked for.

Time to hit the studio... check back soon for free streaming of original music!

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