Bands & Birthdays Upstairs at Club 400

Club 400, 322 Williams St, Waukesha

Come one, come all to Jake and Devin's Best Night of Your Life! January is a time of birthdays, sun, brunch, and beaches. But I (Jake) am leaving all of that to come celebrate it in Waukesha! Come celebrate us escaping the 27 Club with booze, bands, and buddies.

EVERYONE is invited! If you also have a Birthday around this time, let us know!

Jake Smith - 28 Years Old Devin K Conway - 28 Years Old Daniel Saxe - 26 Years Old Jacob Bullis - 28 Years Old Kristi Ann Petitt - 27 Years Old Dustin Owens - 27 Years Old Christian Keltner - 27 Years Old Ryan Koski - 29 Years Old Adam Kroeninger - 33 Years Old

Live Music with: 8:00 - Party Marty 8:50 - Northern Haunts 9:40 - Skylah's Lyrik 10:30 - F in Fun 11:20 - The Good Land Imaginary Band

All original music no cover